SIMS IEP writer

If your school has invested in SIMS from Capita as their management information system then you may be interested to know that they also provide IEPwriter v3 to complement the the main system.

SIMS IEP plugin

The great thing about this system is that it is integrated into the SIMS package as a module and so you have access to all pupil data at the same time as writing your Individual  Education Plans with the obvious drawback that you need SIMS in place.

There are over 3,000 targets already in the system and these have been written by teachers and SENCOs.

One thing that is lacking from this system is a tool for writing a provision map.

Because SIMS is accessible by all teachers in a school they can also all access the education plans and add the progress made by pupils.

Pricing is reasonable, starting at £310.

More info can be found here :

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