IEP & Provision Map writer

With the movement away from IEP writing and towards Provision Mapping then this online tool looks to fit the bill.

There is a slant towards management of IEPs & Provisions in this application with features such as automatic review reminders and printouts of reports based on variables such as free school meals and gender.

This system is offered free for up to 5 pupils so you can take a good look around at no cost.

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IEP Writer

This is an app like IEP manager & writer with a really nice interface and you can use it to create plans for free or pay a small fee for more advanced options. All plans are printed as neat PDF files.

The simplicity of this application makes it a really neat tool for the busy SENCO and the template option means that any type of learning plan can be quickly created, edited and reviewed.

There is also an option for parental involvement – just send the parent a code and they can add their comments to the plan and reviews.

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This is an online IEP management system from a US based company called Imagination Plus and integrates closely with the most widely used US school management information systems. This is much more than simple IEP writing software and includes features such as letters, form templates and workflows.

The cost of SPEDASSIST is $1000 per year with an additional cost of $50 per teacher per month.

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SIMS IEP writer

If your school has invested in SIMS from Capita as their management information system then you may be interested to know that they also provide IEPwriter v3 to complement the the main system.

SIMS IEP plugin

The great thing about this system is that it is integrated into the SIMS package as a module and so you have access to all pupil data at the same time as writing your Individual  Education Plans with the obvious drawback that you need SIMS in place.

There are over 3,000 targets already in the system and these have been written by teachers and SENCOs.

One thing that is lacking from this system is a tool for writing a provision map.

Because SIMS is accessible by all teachers in a school they can also all access the education plans and add the progress made by pupils.

Pricing is reasonable, starting at £310.

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Pennsylvania IEP writer

This system is developed by Leader Services inc and is already in use by over 426 LEAs in Pennsylvania.

iep writer 1

The system boasts a wealth of features and delivers much more than just Individual Education Plans :

The whole system uses SSL as an encryption method and security settings are adaptable and flexible for each LEA. A strong feature of this writer is it’s search feature which has a number of options available to drill down into data for individual learners or groups of pupils.

Personalised learning goals can be easily created and progress towards them closely tracked, additional fields can be used and customised to suit each school / LEA policy. Integration with a school MIS is not specified

Output from this system is in the format of pdf documents which may cause an issue if they need to be edited at a later date.

iep options

As can be seen above the number of options available in the system is comprehensive and access to this data can be shared at a number of user levels.

Pricing is an issue – there is a minimum cost of $426 per year and for an average secondary school the costs really do add up :

Results for 250 students Year One Year Two (estimate)
Total per year: $4,357 $3,477

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